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The ArkLight Value Improvement program (VIP) was developed 40 years ago in power generation industry. It has evolved ever since over the years to become one of the most effective organization acceleration programs in the world. Arklight VIP has been developed and nurtured by the knowledge & experience of our clients and expertise of our partners. Significant advancements in technology in past decade has taken our analytical capabilities to the next level; our capacity to capture & analyze tacit data to generate significant insights have empowered modern organizations to make better decisions like never before. ArkLight Value Improvement Program takes these insights to identify most critical processes & empower the people within the organization to implement change.

Surface Analytics

Workforce Analytics

Critical Issue Analysis

ArkLight Value Improvement Program

VIP War Room

ROI Signoff

Organisation digital surface analytics digs deep into the organizational data that creates meaningful insights while workforce analytics explores people productivity on individual & team level to better understand the DNA of organization. Arklight's advanced psychometric tools developed by world class experts over the years produces insights which would help organization take decisions taking into account strengths and weakness of its people and processes. The critical issue analysis and VIP War room activity turn those insights into most meaningful time bound effective actions. The most critical ingredient for any organization is its people and their motivation to change. Arklight VIP methodology changes that very organization DNA from within and empower people to implement change rather than enforcing change.


It has transformed some of the biggest organizations over the years. Your can be the next; to know more contact us today.

David Arkless
Head of ArkLight Consulting
Daniel Kasmir
Head of Human Capital Consulting Practice
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