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Organisation Diagnostics

The ArkLight organization diagnostics tool helps clients to identify how to improve their organizational productivity. It helps organisations determine the most critical process and outcomes which matter most for generating superior business performance. The ArkLight Organizational Diagnostics combines our cutting edge data analytics capabilities with our deep knowledge of business processes helping clients take their organizations to full potential. The diagnostic includes an assessment of current market demand segregated to each branch and business unit level gathering data from our advance market research tools which including performance benchmarking against a proprietary database of similar companies and local competition. It also includes the macro to micro view of changing landscape —to provide executives and decision makers with a clear view on how to allocate scarce organizational resources to achieve superior business performance.

The assessment is designed to set the scene for executives to understand and address key questions about their business:

Which are our most critical process?  

To drive productivity, management should know which are our most critical challenges.Understanding our process and people better will help us align ourselves, deploy our most capable teams and drive effective outcomes.

How can we eliminate inefficiencies? 

Ranking in the bottom quintile in even one or two outcomes more than halves a company's odds of attaining top business performance.


What are our biggest weakness & strengths? 

Developing a process maturity map as well as a workforce analytics on individuals will give us insights into our business. The more outcomes that rank in the top quintile, the higher the likelihood of superior business performance. We work jointly with our clients to assess the gaps and identify the opportunities that drive their organizational performance.

Market Demand

Employees & Customers

Organisation Productivity

Operating Environment

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Organisation Bottlenecks

We work closely with our client partners to analyze the business from a completely new data driven prospective and identify the opportunities that drive their organizational performance. Our approach goes beyond benchmarks; The Arklight Organisation diagnostics is designed to extract the tacit data and analyze the critical outcomes out of the management functions. The diagnostics would dig deep into the demand cycle, market conditions, internal operational processes & allows executives to understand where they need to improve and helps to prioritize where to best focus scarce resources.

Organisation Maturity Index

Financial Performance Analytics

Market Postioning


Feedback Analytics

WorkForce Analytics

Operations and Process Flow Analytics

Organisation Innovation Index

The results of the initial diagnostics would allow management to create streamlined information dashboards for market demand cycle, operations, financial drivers, workforce analytics & organizations receptivity to change. The results will empower executives to effectively monitor performance & make better decisions. Based on the results of the entire assessment, ArkLight’s organizational solution experts can further tailor and customize our range of systemic solutions to help our clients close the gaps on the most essential organizational outcomes to improve their performance. The Organisation diagnostic toolkit allows executives to understand where they need to improve and gives them confidence that they are putting scare resources to the best use. for more details contact  our team today.

Stuart Marvin
Head of ArkLight Digital Laboratory
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